Arab countries, including Morocco, will not be able to supply F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

F16 of the Moroccan air force

US President Joe Biden has authorised allied and partner countries to provide Ukraine with F-16 aircraft to confront Russia. There is speculation that Arab countries, including Morocco, will supply such aircraft to the Ukrainian air force.
Joe Biden announced this decision at the G7 Summit in Japan a few days ago. This decision is seen as a turning point, as these are advanced fighter aircraft, although inferior to the F-15 or F-18.
These aircraft can be considered suitable for Ukraine for two reasons: first, several NATO countries, such as the Netherlands and Belgium, are equipped with them. Secondly, the ease of maintenance and pilot training.
Washington’s decision does not involve supplying these fighters directly to Ukraine, but rather seeking out countries willing to supply the Ukrainian air force with these aircraft. The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark can provide some fighters, but other countries, such as Poland, refuse to provide the Ukrainian army with F-16s. Poland, as well as the Czech Republic, has supplied MiG-29 fighters to the Ukrainian army.
NATO military information indicates that Washington may ask some countries with large fleets of F-16 fighters to provide some fighters to Ukraine. Egypt and Turkey each have more than 200 F-16s. The UAE has 80 F-16s, Jordan 40, and Morocco and Bahrain more than 20.
Washington is having difficulty convincing countries in the Arab world and the Middle East, including Morocco for example, of this decision. The reasons are as follows:
Firstly, several Arab or Muslim countries do not have good relations with the United States at the moment. Washington’s relations with Turkey are bad, especially since it refused to upgrade the F-16 aircraft. The UAE is secretly banking on Russia and China. A country like Morocco, which has serious conflicts with Algeria, is currently unable to supply F-16 fighters to Ukraine.
Secondly, the US has sold non-advanced copies of the F-16 to Arab and Islamic countries, which are equipped with outdated systems and all of which need to be upgraded. Therefore, if some of these aircraft are delivered to the Ukrainian military, they will be easy prey for Russian anti-aircraft systems such as the S-300 and S-400.

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